12-06-14 RERB Kim Harrington of Brownstone Realty, Michael Baker,Esq. of the Baker Law Group and Philip Jordan of BW Research Partnership.

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This week we welcome Expert Contributor Kim Harrington of BrownStone Realty Group.  They have been in the rehab/redevelopment game for over 10 years.  On this episode Kim highlights their waterfront listing in Dighton, MA.  She also talks about a great listing that they have in Dartmouth, MA.

Chris explains Brownstone’s “Joint Venture” program.  This program is for the new or first time investor that locates a property and is not sure what to do next.  Whether funding, analyzing or trying to manage the project.  When you find a project, Brownstone will “Quarterback” the deal and renovation and both parties share in the profits.

Chris goes on to explain Brownstone’s new “Fast Track Joint Venture” program.  In this program Brownstone provides the deal for the partner, and then teaches the partner how to manage, analyze and bring in the contractors to get the work done. You get hands-on experience and still share in the profits.

You can reach Kim at 781-367-5378.

Next up, Michael Baker, Esq. of the Baker Law Group.  He is our go to Estate Planning Guru.  Why do you need a Power of Attorney or a Health Care Proxy?  What about a Will or a Trust?  Listen in to why you need to get your estate in order.  What happens if one of your children pre-deceases you?  What happens with the care of your pets?  There are so many angles that are overlooked, you need a trusted professional to explain everything to you, and make sure you are prepared for the inevitable.  You can reach Michael at 1-800-701-0352.

Lastly, we welcome a new charitable organization “Los Ninos”, they support a small private school in the Dominican Republic.  100% of their donations go directly to their charity.  Go to their website and get all the info you need.  You can go to www.losninosdr.org or call Philip direct at 508-384-2471

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